Spirit Airlines is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

And could they face a lawsuit from this? I'd sue their butts (Kardashian = butts. haha.. lame!) off if I was part of the Kardashian clan, E! or Ryan Seacrest. Sadly for my pocket, I'm none of the above.

Sure, it's clever and shows that Spirit Airlines' creative team is on top of it. Who seems not to be so on top of it is their legal team. Apparently, everyone over at Spirit thought this was perfectly fine, but of course, they think it's perfectly fine to charge for carry-on bags, too.

In case you're not catching the jokes here you need to read this blog more often... there are 4 references to the Kim K's life.
1. "Keeping up with...Low Fares": Their show is called Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2. "Dash over to spirit.com...": Dash is the name of their not-so-successful store
3. "Divorce yourself from high fares.": Come on, you know this one!
4. The logo looks awfully familiar to the family show logo & the diamond, you know KimK's owns tons of those.

And... there's a tweet, too..

Part of the Kardashian fortune comes from winning lawsuits...
Will Spirit Airlines be their next source of income?

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