Mariah Yeater is more creative than Casey Anthony

This cupcake & that woman?
No effing way!
Let me get this straight. Mariah Yeater wants the world to think she had sex with a 16-year-old Justin Bieber after one of his concerts at the Staples Center?

Maybe her parents were giving her a hard time for not knowing who the daddy was. She could have done the old Casey Anthony "the baby daddy died" kinda' thing. However, she really went for it telling them what she had dreamt of the night before... that she had sex with  raped a multimillionaire teenager! "Never Say Never" she must have thought to herself.

You gotta' give it to her for being more creative than a woman who got away with disappearing her kid. I hope she doesn't pull a Casey Anthony on that poor 3-month-old baby when all this doesn't work for her, though.

So you take pics of yourself in
bathroom stalls? Classy.
The teenage king of swagger spoke out today at the Today Show and said he has never met that woman. Unlike Bill Clinton, he looks like he is being honest.

He also said this: "I'm going to be a target, but I'll never be the victim". You go, Biebs!

If you still think the Mariah girl could be speaking the truth, take a look at pictures of her.

There's no way Justin would have tapped that!

And look at what she's been tweeting... That gold-digging fame whore!
Here's Justin at the Today Show: