The X Factor: Who failed on Rock Week?

Themes are lame 98% of the times, unless it's a very broad theme... but then it becomes so broad it isn't a theme anymore. Did Simon Cowell not learn anything from Adam Lambert's season (The Adam Lambert Effect! = taking a song of any genre and making it work for you, even if it means changing the genre...)?

The contestants were forced to sing Rock songs, and by rock songs they meant... well, any song. Not even the judges were too sure what classified as rock. Lesson: The theme shouldn't be a genre.

A highlight of the show actually happened before the show aired. Simon Cowell joined twitter! Follow him & tell him I sent you and he'll be like who the f.. is that?

Rock Week Performances
30-year difference & more in sync
 than Demi & Ashton ever were
1. Leroy Bell
The official XFactor GILF (Grandpa I'd like to ____) was up first, which can be bad because the it's the contestant people are most likely to forget... especially, when Nicole Scherzinger comes in to give him a song made popular by a man that is arguably more popular for his bacon than his music (The bacon at Roasters was good, admit it!).

This was boring, and I'm still waiting for him to bring out the X-Factor I know he has in him. Perhaps, better song choices would help, Pussycat!
Watch Leroy's performance HERE.

Someone finally tells Lady Gaga how they feel about her

...to her face!

Those parents should go to jail for letting their kid in the arms of a Mother Monster!

Also, let's follow up on this baby. I want pictures of him in 20 years, like they did with the naked baby on the Nirvana album cover.


SNL is bringing it

This last episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Charlie Day with musical guest Maroon 5 was one of the most entertaining ones I've seen in a while. America agrees with me on this one, reason why it was the highest rated SNL in over a month. 

The stand-out moment? The Kardashian Divorce Special. HILARIOUS. 
Kristen Wiig killed it as Kris Jenner, the Kim Kardashian was spot-on and Andy Samberg's take on Kris Humphries was priceless (the signature moment! LOL). 

And the spoof is Kardashian-approved -->


January Jones Baby Daddy Could Be....

Justin Bieber!

No one ever thought about that before, because we weren't thinking of the Biebs as an impregnator. Now, thanks to the completely delusional Mariah Yeater, this is suddenly a valid guess.

I'm going to wait until Justin and his camp dismiss this completely ridiculous rumor I just made up because...Why not? Until that happens, I'll keep on thinking January is the mother of Xander Bieber.

In a more serious note... January, what are you hiding?
Is the daddy Anthony Weiner? Ashton Kutcher? Or is it Gadhafi?

WE want TO know!


The X Factor: Who is America voting off?

Simon Cowell knows how to do it... and FOX knows it, so they're bringing The X-Factor back for another season next year.

American Idol better step it up with performance productions, because we are all in agreement that each of these performances looks like it's out of the Grammys or the VMAs, right? Verizon, Pepsi and Simon are proving to be good spenders.

The talent is there. The judges are bringing it. This show is exciting. Period.

The 12 Finalists
1. Stereo Hogzz 
They kicked off the night and raised their voices against Conrad Murray with a tribute to the Jackson Family. Yeah, so Paula was Janet's choreographer back in the day. Does that mean she needs to turn these 5 into the Jackson 5? I don't think so. Simon is in love with Paula the Stereo Hogzz. I think they're good, but they're not that amazing, but I still love the fact they were head over heels with the grass in Paula's mansion.
Full performance HERE.


Spirit Airlines is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

And could they face a lawsuit from this? I'd sue their butts (Kardashian = butts. haha.. lame!) off if I was part of the Kardashian clan, E! or Ryan Seacrest. Sadly for my pocket, I'm none of the above.

Sure, it's clever and shows that Spirit Airlines' creative team is on top of it. Who seems not to be so on top of it is their legal team. Apparently, everyone over at Spirit thought this was perfectly fine, but of course, they think it's perfectly fine to charge for carry-on bags, too.

In case you're not catching the jokes here you need to read this blog more often... there are 4 references to the Kim K's life.
1. "Keeping up with...Low Fares": Their show is called Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2. "Dash over to spirit.com...": Dash is the name of their not-so-successful store
3. "Divorce yourself from high fares.": Come on, you know this one!
4. The logo looks awfully familiar to the family show logo & the diamond, you know KimK's owns tons of those.

And... there's a tweet, too..

Part of the Kardashian fortune comes from winning lawsuits...
Will Spirit Airlines be their next source of income?