Jennifer Lopez Crying on Stage

This can happen to absolutely anyone. No doubt. However, she set herself up for it.

Mixing professional life and personal life is not the brightest idea, and this was a proof of that. That being said, JLo has always been known mixing the 2 together but this time unsuccesfully. Examples: Dating and marrying her back-up dancer, putting boyfriends in her videos, bringing them to coach the American Idol kids, signing up to do a reality show with them, divorcing them and still having to do it, etc.

According to People Magazine, the dancers were re-enacting scenes of Jennifer and her past beaus... with "look-a-like" dancers! When you actually see the video, you notice it was an accurate and exact portrayal of them! 

Really, JLo? You actually thought that was a good idea when you went over it with the tour's creative director?

Jennifer reportedly said she took a trip down memory lane (obviously!) and started crying as the crowd applauded. I disagree with putting your personal life so out there, however, I would have also bawled my eyes out watching the whole spectacle in the audience. What can I say... I would have taken a trip down JLo's memory lane.

Unfortunately, there's no video of the JLo actually crying. The attendees should have focused on shooting video instead of clapping.

Video 1:

The video is beyond crappy, but you'll see the brief re-enactment of her and Ben Affleck in the 2003 Oscars Red Carpet. And, remember the famous JLo and Marc Anthony performance of the Idol finale in which they pretended their marriage was fine? It's in there too!

Apparently, there were also portrayals of Jennifer with ex-boyfriends P. Diddy & Chris Judd.

Video 2:
You can hear her voice cracking up on this one but doesn't it always crack up?

Update: TMZ is saying that JLo said that it was a photo displayed in the Jumbotron of her kids that made her cry. Yeah, right!

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