E! News thinks Kris Humphries is behind Kim's earrings

Kim Kardashian's divorce petition documents state that whatever belongs to Kim is Kim's, and Kris better not come saying he wants some of it. 

Docs say that Miscellaneous Jewelry and other personal effects is part of Kim's property. 

Also, the petition reads that any other "Earnings and accumulations" of Kim gained before, during and after shall remain her property. I wonder if that includes any gain in weight.

HOWEVER,  E! News got it a little mixed up. 

On their website, they seem to believe that Kim lists as separate property, not only her miscellaneous jewelry, but also her "earrings and accumulations" (instead of "earnings and accumulations!).

They must think Kim is really worried about Kris wanting Kim's ear bling... which would make sense if you think about that time when Kris threw her into the waters of Bora Bora and she threw a 3-year-old-girl fit because she lost her diamond earrings. Maybe that's all he really wanted from her. 

E! News story is HERE. Read it before they change it, but we have the screen shot as proof.
For the full divorce docs click HERE.

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