Breaking News: Kim Kardashian filing for DIVORCE

They used to be such a happy couple...
or not.
Umm, yes. This is what I call Breaking News these days.

If any of you got sucked into watching the 4 hours of over-the-top wedding entertainment/drama/BS, Ryan Seacrest would like to thank you. Also, you might have noticed that Kim and Kris never really got along to begin with... so raise your hand if you're NOT surprised.

Some slammed Khloe for getting married in 10 days. Well, she has been happily married for 2 years now. Others said Khloe was being unsupportive of Kim's boyfriend because she really hated him and probably still does. She was right! Pow!

Back to Kim. Don't worry about her, she makes millions out of anything that happens to her. She'll make millions out of this... (Ryan Seacrest will too) How? She and momager Kris Jenner will find a way.

And don't worry about Kim's millions... she signed a prenup, of course.

Khloe is always right.
What really is great is that Kris Humphries can now go back to being the unknown douchebag he was before... without the Kardashian lifestyle and $$. All that, while currently being unemployed or on lockout, same sh*t.

As you are reading this, E! is probably sending 10 crews to Kim's home, because you didn't think this wasn't going to be on the show, right?

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is officially the new Elizabeth Taylor minus the talent.

My guess is that Kim K probably filed for divorce after reliving what Kris told her at the end of the Kourtney & Kim Take New York promo. Wow.
Update - 2:24PM:
Click HERE for TMZ's Kim's divorce petition documents.
Conclusion: 1. She won't pay spousal support 2. Kris has to pay for his own lawyer 3. I like Kim's signature.

TMZ broke the news.

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