The Kardashian Royal Wedding

The price tags on Kim Kardashian's and Prince William's weddings (respectively -not to each other) were about the same - $30 million. They're broadcasted on TV (one live, one 1 month later). The brides had more than 1 dress and the maids of honor wore white. Sounds like the second Royal Wedding of the year to me.

There are some differences though... Cate Middleton did her own make-up and Kim K. didn't. So, one really is from the royalty and one isn't.

First Things First: The Dress
Vera Wang is your best friend, we get it. You had 3 custom-made Vera Wangs worth about $20,000 each for free. I hate you. Lucky you.

So far, we only have a glimpse of the top bodice of the first one (courtesy of E!), because People Magazine paid $1.5 million for the exclusive pictures. (I was trying to come up with that money, but People Mag jumped ahead of me.)

Verdict? S.S.S. Same strapless sh·t! We see that on "Say Yes to the Dress" every day. Blah!

Kim: The Armenian Princess
Didn't she look like one? It was the headpiece!

That was cute, because I think that was her way of paying homage to the man that freed O.J. Simpson... or her dad, whatever.

The make-up
Flawless! Not surprising. Her face is always the one thing that's perfect in this girl.

However, if I had a lady doing my eyebrows with that kind of equipment, I'd look pretty damn flawless, too.

Bridesmaids in White
I raved about Cate Middleton's down-to-earth decision of having Pippa wear white and stealing her thunder.

I wasn't expecting the definition of center of attention (Kim Kardashian) to do the same. From now on, expect every wedding to feature bridesmaids in white. Pippa is a trendsetter.

Not so great

1. The wedding festivities ended at around 1:30 am after the neighbors complained of loud noise. Lame!

2. Loved how Bruce Jenner's idea of formal attire included diamond stud earrings. (I love him.)

4. See how I didn't mention Kris Humphries once? He better get used to that. I'm sure it's included in his contract somewhere.

It's Official: Kris Humphries is now Mr. Kris Kardashian

Whenever Kim K's 45 minutes of fame are up, mamma manager Kris Jenner will figure something out. She might get divorced and do this all over, but doing another sex tape would work, too. Hey, if it's profitable, the Kardashians won't rule it out.

Jokes aside... I was very happy to be front-row, as you can see in this picture.

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