Why is All of America Saying "Finally" Tonight?

After Idol, my timeline was full of one word today... Finally.

Jacob Lusk was harder to get rid off than a marriage with domestic abuse.

Let's talk about to other Jacob-related things.
1) Did you see him in that Gordon Ramsey skit? Was he a cheerleader back in the day? Someone give him some pompoms!
2) In the Ford Music Video everyone was doing magic tricks. Is going down a flight of stairs with some major divatude magic for him? Hmm??

Now, Lauren Alaina has to learn how to control herself. That's because she'll probably be in the bottom 2 again next week.

It's Miss Jennifer Lopez!
1- The lady is 40 and she does a whole lot more than Britney at 30.
2- Yes, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I have no doubt about that.
3- Note to Naima: That's how you sing and dance at the same time.
4- No, Ryan Seacrest, you didn't fool anyone. That performance was clearly pre-taped.
5- Confession: I had no love for JLo pre-Idol. Everything has changed now. She's a sweety.
"On The Floor" feat. Pitbull "Live" (Pre-recorded in 10 takes) on American Idol

As little as I like the newly booted out Idol, let's remember his best performance on Idol... back in Hollywood week!

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