Miami Beach Turns Its Swag On

Have you ever been in SoBe during this weekend? Well, you shouldn't (shootings and accidents galore!, not kidding). Sean Kingston was here for the weekend when he suffered his jet ski accident that has him in ICU.

For some reason, African-Americans invade town and find it perfectly normal to ride in Cadillacs on 25-inch wheels, fan themselves with 100-dollar bills, and strut around wearing practically nothing.

The reason why they invade town is simple. Clubs headline guys like vodka-maker P. Diddy, woman-beater Chris Brown or don't-hate-her-cuz-she's-beautiful Keri Hilson.

There's also the official black person Coachella (Best of the Best). For that reason, thousands come to South Beach and Miami officials become so stressed out, they enlist the help of each and every police department around.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back
Fortunately, this is not the case with South Beach, and everything is back to normal now - but the action is all caught on tape!

I can guarantee the validity of the images because the videographer is a guy I like to think of as my boyfriend. Luckily, he thinks of me the same way. ;)

Click HERE to check out more of his vids.

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