Just Watched Glee's "Born This Way". One Week Later.

Yes. I just literally watched it 10 minutes ago. What does that say of me as a blogger? It says I have other things to do and no one pays me for this.

Now, if Born This Way would have been any less amazing there would have been no need to recap it... BUT, it was AMAZING.

I loved how Lea Michele's discussed-in-real-life nose became a part of the storyline. Just genius. And then came... TLC's "Unpretty". I teared up in the first 2.1 seconds of the song, and then bawled all throughout it. (Chills, chills, chills!.. Just like the Destiny's Child song... or one alphabet later away from it.)

Then came the closeted-lebanese (hilarity!) and her plan to rule the prom. Amazing little plot to do what is right for every Glee fan... Bring Kurt Back. We can't have him not appearing in every single episode, especially now that he's one of Time's Most Influential.

Can we please talk about The Warblers' trip to McKinley to sing Keane? Bawling. Again. I hope Klaine continues to exist, but the preview of next week's (today's) Glee kind of sounded like maybe they wouldn't. Oh God, say it isn't so.

Kurt's solo? Magic.

Finn stole my heart many times throughout Born This Way. First, in that number with Mike Chang, but even more when he supported bro Kurt. AND he had a Lucy Kaboosey wallet photo! Cuteness.

I'm I the only one totally over the Puck-Zizez relationship? I hate it. So not believable.

The Mall Barbra Streisand flash-mob/"Barbra-vention"? Golden.

And then we had, the insecurities T-shirts for the Born This Way number! Was I dreaming or was that as spectacular as I thought it was? WoW.

My faves?
1. Kurt's "Likes Boys"
2. Mike's/Finn's "Can't Sing/Can't Dance"
3. Wait... I was going to start listing my faves, but thinking back, I'll probably have to list all of them.
Now my ABSOLUTE favorite was Emma's "OCD". Bawling. Again. (Are we keeping track of how many times I've cried in this episode?)

In an episode with the most brilliant song choices ever, Kurt was more fab than ever, and I just cried once again with that Born This Way performance.

If you would do shots every time I cry during Glee you'd be wasted in the first half hour.

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