Jacob Lusk Needs To Grow Some Balls

The Diva Lusk is blaming Jimmy Iovine for his departure. He has got to be kidding me.

TMZ reported that ""American Idol" reject Jacob Lusk is telling friends he's not to blame for the TERRIBLE song choices that led to his elimination this week ... insisting he got BAD advice from Jimmy Iovine."

Jacob also said that he got pressured into doing "No Air".

Dear Jacob,
I don't think any of the Idols have ever been pressured to sing something they didn't want to. If they did, they spoke up (See: Casey Abrams and The Durbs).
Truth is you should have been voted off WEEKS ago.
Grow some balls!
Andrea V.

Also, I LOVE MTV's Jim Cantiello and his snarky Idol recaps. This one has probably been my favorite this season.

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