It's your Top 5 (Recap), America!

I remember the days when I was completely in love with some of the Idols, and I would be very happy/stressed out about Wednesdays/Thursdays. That's not the case these days. I miss Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams.(American Idol was OVER for me last week.)

Anyway, it's Top 5 and now there is not one thing in Steven Tyler's eyes/ears that is not "beautiful". I swear. Not one. (Someone give him a thesaurus!)

Can you imagine what he thinks of the World's Most Beautiful Woman? She should be like REALLY, REALLY beautiful for him.

THEN, I was happy to watch Idol. NOW, not so much.

Is that why this week's theme is Then and Now?

Some say it's because they sing old songs and then songs from now. Yeah, whatever.

Also, staying true to the week's theme, I'll post pictures from the Idols Then and Now. Sorta. I'll do my best.

The Durbs

I remember when he auditioned. My mom did not. So I made her watch the audition, sob story included.

Not much has changed personality-wise. He still cries a lot. BUT he is a much better singer now.

The Now Song was 30 Seconds To Mars and I loved it. If this guy doesn't give me drama/fire/drums on stage, I don't like it.

That's why I didn't like the Then Song. Yeah, his emotion was all over it, but that doesn't mean it was good. His vocal was his worst ever. I had no idea James could have a not-so-good vocal.

Is it just me or is James packing up LBs like crazy?

I want him in the Top 2. No doubt. He'll be overweight by then.

The Lusk

Today, Jacob said he's an artist that appeals to everybody. How come you don't appeal to me?

He sang Jordin Sparks's No Air. Ughh. He also sang Chris Brown's part. Double Ughh. Twitter tells me it's Chris Brown's B-Day. Does he choose his songs based on who's birthday it is that day? (He did that with Luther a couple of weeks ago, too)

Apparently, this girl on Twitter agrees with me. She needs help with her grammar/spelling, but OK.

Lauren Alaina

My mom hates Lauren Alaina. I don't know why. Lauren and her accent are sorta cute. However, Lauren's Now Song has been my mom's fave Lauren Alaina performance so far. Whatever that means.

It was OK. Lauren is always just OK for me. There's no connection.

Country Scotty

He's a cutey!

The Now Song was so much power, intensity and can I say SWAGGER! That kid. I have to openly admit I want Scotty to be the next American Idol.

The Then Song was Elvis. How many times has Scotty done Elvis? I don't know, but this was great.

Also, Sheryl Crow wants Scotty to move to Nashville. Sheryl is clearly in love with him. Does she know he's underage? She said she just wants to get him in touch with her people. Careful, Crow, careful.

Haley Abrams (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

I was searching for Haley pics, and I saw this. One of the automatic image searches said "Haley Reinhart Legs". JLo, you got yourself some competition.

Anyway... that hippy chick! She's a hippy from the midwest! Maybe that's why I like her so much. And then, she gives us Gaga. Why??!?!

The problem is that not everyone can stand up to Jimmy Iovine. Leave that to her ex-musical counterpart or James Durbin. Also, she saw the whole thing as an opportunity to get on the phone with Gaga. She was like I'm singing a crappy song, but Gaga called me.

Thank God she sang a redemption song. No, not Bob Marley's. She's not that hippy. It was "House of the Rising Sun", but she sure redeemed herself.

Sheryl Crow's advice to do the acapella intro might have saved her life. You owe that girl something (She might need a husband! Hint-hint. One more year, Scotty).

Here it is. The best performance of the night... and Haley's best ever.

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