It's your Top 4 (Recap), America!

We all know how important it is to make it through to next week. The Top 3 will go home and the mayor's of their cities will go nuts spending thousands (maybe millions) towards a ridiculously extravagant welcome. What is truly ridiculous is that I will cry ALL throughout that episode . After all, I found myself bawling after this show's opening montage that teased to next week's show by showing the biggest crybabies of American Idol history. (Elliot Yamin! Awww). I can't believe we're missing on Casey Abram's crazy emotional self going home. Uggghh.

Random Thought #1: I miss Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald terribly!

This week there was no theme. Well, there were 2. One was inspirational songs (they couldn't find a broader category) and the other one was songs by the songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller (insert yawn). Apparently, Nigel Lythgoe also thought those 2 were boring, so he brought in Lady Gaga to mentor the Top 4.

The Durbs
Those idol producers love James Durbin. He opened AND closed the show. Talk about a pimp spot... a double pimp spot!

He totally gave me the chills with "Don't Stop Believing". However, I get the chills when I hear that song sang by anyone live.

Then, it was Gaga James! Something I would much rather forget. Gaga molested James, and Heidi (James' fiancee) was probably pissed off or NOT. Even if Gaga doesn't wear pants, she's scary, not sexy, and I'm not being mean because that's what she's going for.

Random Thought #2: JLo's stylist's son was sick or something, because for some reason, they didn't show up to work. Hated the hair... and that denim top was ill-fitting.
Audience Sightings
I had never been so fluttered in my life with these. Fluttered? I should go back and delete that word, but I'll leave it just so you get a feel of how my uncontrollable emotions are overpowering the idea of making sense. (Is this how Steven Tyler feels after every critique?)

1. Paul McDonald! Oh wait, he's not alone. It's girlfriend Nikki by his side. This was devastating because no woman deserves to see her man with another woman. However, towards the end of the show, they stole my heart. The chemistry, the PDA! Awwww. Cute. I approve of Nikki Reed.

2. Casey Abrams! Oh wait, he's not alone either. Why are all my idol loves such players? He was with his high school prom date... cute colombian girl from Top 24, Julie Zorrilla (the best dressed girl on Idol before Soyon An - the girl's stylist -EVER).

3. Alex Wong from SYTYCD. Heart him.

Random Thought #3: I envision the arms of the World's Most Beautiful Woman being a lot more toned. JLo, you can thank HDTV for that... or sue Tracy Anderson.

Her inspirational tune was Michael Jackson's "Earth Song". The first half bored me to death. The second half was good... not great, just good.

Then, JLo gave her incredibly logical-sounding critique, which is surprising on this panel of judges. Jennifer told Miss Reinhart she needs to up her game on song choices. 100% true. Randy agreed and Haley proved to America she's a BRAT. Apparently, girl can't take criticism or keep her mouth shut.

Steven, of course, loved it. He loves everything. He said Haley "reinharted" her way into the Top 3. JLo found that incredibly hilarious. You clever Aerosmith!

Let's all remember when Ryan asked Randy who won Round #1 and he said it was a tie between Scotty, James and Lauren. Oh, SNAP! Of course, Little Miss Attitude answered back: "That's so nice of you" among other nice remarks.

Later, with the help of Gaga she redeemed herself and rekindled her love with Randy thanks to Ryan. Ummm... too late. I don't like you now.

Scotty, The Body
I need explanations. Why has Ryan decided "The Body" is an appropriate nickname for this kid? They seem awfully friendly with one another, too.

Random Thought #3: Scotty is obsessed with Granny Smith apples. Code 4017.

Scotty's first song was a country song about God. Shocker. However, that, America, is our next American Idol! That kid's passion moves me.

Later, Gaga turned Scotty into a little monster, and I have to admit I'm all over this kid and his comedic performance. How can someone be SOOO hilarious and so touching in the course of 90 minutes? You know what that means? A Scotty concert would be crazy good.

Here's the first song.

Lauren Alaina
Another country song to God. These country kids are very religious.

She was good. So good that Steven Tyler's favorite part of her perfomance was the buckles on her shoes! WTF? At least Paula Abdul was in love with a contestant's whole shoe.

With that perfomance came Randy's first "You're in it to win it" - many more to come.

Later, Lauren sang "Trouble". Wooohoooo! I'll take the Gaga-fied version of Lauren Alaina any day. She gave me that attitude I had been desperately searching for all season long.

Random Thought #4: Idol producers know how much America loves Casey and Paul, so they made him take over Ryan's gig for a second there. I died a little. Also, Paul was stoned... as usual.

My prediction? Haley Reinhart's attitude turned off America, so she will be sent home tonight. Say goodbye to your hometown welcome! It's appropriate to send her home. After all, she would have been the only contestant to not cry during the hometown welcome. She said, and I quote, "I never thought I'd get emo on this show" after the little feud with Randy.

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