It's a Fashion OD: Met Gala!

My heart breaks at the end of each Awards Season, but then comes the Met Gala - a gift sent to us by the fashion Gods.

Best Dressed

1. Gisele Bundchen can do almost no wrong in my eyes. Looking absolutely fab in the king of the night, Alexander McQueen.

2. SJP. Stunning. Also in McQueen.

3. Only Gwyneth Paltrow can wear up-to-there slits and make it look elegant at 38. Gwyn in Stella McCartney.

4. Diane Kruger (wearing Jason Wu) hits the red carpet and once again scores. Flawless.

5. Haven't seen Christina Ricci looking this fab in years. Gorgeous in a Zac Posen gown.

Best of the Best? Christina Ricci (SJP in a close second)

Could have been Best Dressed

1. The slender Zoe Saldana could have been among the Best Dressed if I had 6 spots instead of 5. I just ADORE these simple, sleek, pastel Calvin Kleins we've been seeing all throughout Awards Season.

2. Rihanna could have been Best Dressed if she would have worn different shoes. I hate those, but then I LOVE her hair. So that's a nice balance of love/hate. Dress by Stella McCartney

Why, Julianne?

This dresses look the same to me. She wore the Malandrino with pink/purple prints to this year's Grammys, which had already been a year prior in green by Lea Michele.

Not only that, but she did again! Sorta. But... this one is Burberry. I'm guessing Ryan has something to do with that. (Ryan wears Burberrry exclusively)

P.S. Someone need to teach Ryan how to pose. He looks ridicc. I'm sure he has people. TONS of people.

Worst Dressed

1. Miranda Kerr in an ill-fitting Marchesa. I hate the shoes. Hate the assymetrical tulle. Not good.

2. Can you believe Alicia Keys is 30? No? Me neither. This Givenchy does nothing for her and she is a pretty girl.

3. Fergie was watching the Royal Wedding and decided she was going to wear what Kate Middleton was wearing. A cheaper version that is. Maybe she didn't understand Kate was the bride. This was Marchesa. Horrible.

4. Then came Naomi. You don't do that to McQueen in his honor! Maybe a softer weave-do sans brooch would have helped. Costumy mess.

5. Lucy Liu in Vionnet. No.

Worst of the Worst? The scary brides, Fergie and Naomi.