I Need The Budget Spending Plan for Gaga's "Judas"

Did I hear they spent $10 million on this?

Did Laurie Ann Gibson (Gaga's creative director/choreographer/now music video director/wannabe lover) pocket 9 of those 10 million?

This video looks cheap to me. Maybe I'm used to really great videos made by real music directors like Jonas Akerlund's Telephone.

Laurie Ann should stick to choreography, or keep doing music videos for emerging artists like she's doing on The Dance Scene.

Also, the song is her worst ever.

Judas Juda ah ah Judas Juda ah ah Gaga Ga Ga Gaga Ga Ga ah

NO. Just NO.

I'm sure the church is enraged bla bla bla. The video is crap.

P.S. I love you, Mark Kanemura.

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