Casey Abrams: The Day Before Idol Auditions

So this girl is all stressed out scoping the area getting ready for the Idol auditions the next day. Who is she? We don't know (and we kinda don't care).

It appears to be she's not the only hopeful strategizing the day prior. One more potential Idol was there too.... Mr. Casey Abrams!

The guy in the video, who seems particularly excited even though he's not the one auditioning, says Casey Abrams sounds like a famous name. He was right.

Today, Casey tweeted about it and look at him saving us a precious 90 minutes of our existence. Attaboy!

So, yeah, skip through the BS (Beautiful Scenery) to look at the cool, chill, ridiculously talented dude that should have won it all before he even knew he'd have a shot at IT.

And, by IT I don't mean JLo.

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