America Wanted MORE Blind Auditions

My The Voice recap could very well be a compilation of Adam Levine's quotes (and the occasional Blake Shelton gem), but then that would be a compilation of quotes.

Apparently, we wouldn't want that. (Huh? Who's we?)

Blind Auditions are Over
That was it? 2 episodes?

Does that mean the show is over? Because the show was all about "The Blind Audition".

Maybe I am so used to auditions being like 6 weeks, that this confused me (I blame Simon Fuller for that).

However, I think America wanted more blind auditions. I said it last week. That chair swiveling was PRICELESS, and now it was taken away from us.

By the way, by America I mean myself.

The Teams Are Complete... but not for long
I love how it took Adam forever. He's so competitive. Hearts.

As of last week, Adam had the best team. Now, there are 32 people to keep track of, and I'm not sure anymore.

However, I am sure who doesn't have the best team, and that is XTina. She said at one point great things come in small packages. I am not sure if she's aware she is not a small package anymore. (Yeah, get offended, whatever.)

As soon as next week, the teams will no longer be an 8-person team. They'll be cut in half.

All this is traveling way too fast for me. That means the show will be over in like 1month. And THAT means less Adam Levine for the people. Tragedy.

It's a One-Liner Paradise
1. Adam to CeeLo when he talked about 'his friend, Pink':
"Let me get that name for you, you dropped it."

2. Blake answering why they should pick him over CeeLo:
"Because he dresses like a peacock!"

3. And the best of the night. By of course, Adam.
"I need a woman for my team and sadly you have a penis"

Let's Talk About The Voices
1. That fat brave old gay guy. Singing CeeLo's "Forget You" was pretty awesome.

2. Dia was my favorite female singer on The Voice... or in the world. Not sure. Love the tone in her voice. I would have pushed that button as fast (if not faster than) as Blake Shelton.

And then... I found This with two of my favorite things right now. Mumford and Dia's voice. HEAVEN.

That's all I have to say about The Voices. Especially, because I am very disappointed that they ran out of voices and had to bring The Voice Castoffs for a "second shot". Blah!

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