Wait… Who is Carole King?

This is a question 75% of American Idol fans are asking themselves these days. That’s because the Top 6 is not only singing her songs, but also singing a duet with her! (Producers gotta’ fill those 90 minutes)

I, unfortunately, was part of that 75% of ignorant Idolers. So I went to the page that knows it all… Wikipedia. Yeah, teachers will tell you it’s not the most reliable, but it’s never failed me. Well, except for that time it told me Esperanza Spalding’s middle name was Quesadilla (You evil, Beliebers!)

Back on track… Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who she is. I’m pretty sure none of the members of the Top 6 know who she is either, and then they have to meet her and pretend she’s their lifelong idol.

Anyway, the lady is responsible for penning huge, huge songs like “(You make me feel like) A Natural Woman”… too bad, Lauren Alaina did that like last week.

She also wrote James Taylor’s smash hit “You’ve got a friend” and “I feel the earth move” sang by I-don’t-know-who (but I probably know all the lyrics to it).

I thought Idol producers were going to make this season a lot more current. I don’t think dueting with a 69-year-old is exactly current. Oh well, I’ll watch anyways.
Miss King also wrote “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” made famous by “The Shirelles”… Wait, the who? Good thing is I found a killer cover by the amazing Amy Winehouse.. and THAT you must listen to.

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