The Voice is NOT a new idea!

I was thinking to myself this is the smartest thing ever.... but no, the man behind Survivor didn't come up with it. He just brought it from The Netherlands.

Take a look...

Nonetheless, it's truly genius, and here's why:

1. Something about those swiveling chairs turning around gives me the chills... and I'm assuming I'm not alone on that one.

2. As Carson Daly said on numerous occasions... the coaches have lots and lots and lots of Grammys. That means they can really sing and give us a killer performance like this one...

3. Adam Levine. Period.

4. The fights between the coaches/judges are priceless. Blake and Adam brought the laughs. Xtina has yet to win me over.

5. Two contestants stood out for me:
Javier Colon and the kid that sang God Bless The Broken Road (but he needs to stop playing the dead mom card, sorry.)
BTW, they are both on Adam's team. He has the best team so far.

That being said...
Simon Cowell better bring it, because I don't see how X-Factor can be better than this.

AND... The Dancing with the Stars Results Shows can say goodbye to their ratings.

Can't wait for next Tuesday.

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