Pia Toscano takes her ballads to DWTS

Let's get over the fact that she got voted off early.

And let's also get over the fact that she may or may not be dating Mark Ballas. She probably is, and I'm jealous.

That's one handsome guy, awesome dancer and super creative choreographer, which are not really things I look for in a guy, but whatever... I can see Corky Ballas being a fun father-in-law.

I NEED to be paired with Mark Ballas when I get invited to DWTS. Take note, ABC.

Karina Smirnoff was probably mad all the attention went to Pia because Pia's vocal was amazing, as usual. However, Pia was probably mad that The Voice stole her thunder.

She sang a ballad. No surprise. Which one? I'll stand by you. No surprise.

If Pia and Mark ever have kids (which I'm guessing they won't) they can show them this video... and focus on minute 1:16. Are the DWTS editors trying to tell us something?

OR... they could show them THIS video. Chelsea is so much more fun than Pia.

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