It's your Top 6 (Recap), America!

You know we're getting closer to the finale because every week JLo's dresses keep getting shorter, Lauren Alaina's mom looks younger, Casey is thinner and Steven's critiques sound more like Paula's.

Top 6 takes on Carole King

Miss King is not there obviously, but she sent her unknown daughter to represent for the family.

And, there's Babyface... is anyone excited? No? Yeah, I thought so.

First up... The Diva!

That's Jacob Lusk if you haven't been following.

Apparently, Idol stylist Miles Siggins is trying to sabotage him. You can't do that to someone and expect to remain friends.

He did the usual Jacob Lusk thing. I'm over it. Can you imagine his dramatic face with overflowing tears of sadness? I want to see that.

Lauren Alaina and her tears

Idol keeps bringing back Miley. At least, this season Miley mentored someone younger than her. It would have been very uncomfortable to see Miley mentoring, say, Paul McDonald. He would have died, too.

What was even more uncomfortable... was the guy... or should I say the paid actor she brought up on stage during her performance.

Whoever came up with that idea should be fired, but it was probably Nigel Lythgoe.

Full-body chills, brought to you by Scotty

I loved the fact he got the uber famous song. He needs to stop singing unknown country tunes to win non-country fans over. (Sorry, but "Swinging" is completely unknown to me)

Randy said "Scotty is in it to win it!" but he also told that to Pia and Stefano and they are now cast-offs.

James Durbin, I like you more every day

He won me over last week with Uprising, and this was a beautiful perfomance once again.

Then came the JLo lovefest. And then, Randy said he's it to win it, but this time he meant it. Sorry, Scotty.

Casey needs to loosen up the legs?

It's perfectly fine if you don't listen to the judges when they say stuff like that. That makes NO sense, JLo.

Casey is pure perfection. He's a performer. He swayed through the thousands of musicians that were up there in that stage with ease and grace.

He made Steven's scalp itch (huh?), and with that critique I'm certain I don't want Steven Tyler back for next season.


I had read before that the Idols would be doing duets to Carole King. For some reason, I thought they would do duets with Carole King. Thank God, I was mistaken.

Producers paired Scotty and Lauren AGAIN, because they compliment each other. Lauren said Scotty never compliments her, and Scotty was smart to say the interview wouldn't go well if she kept answering things like that.

Producers paired Haley and Casey AGAIN, because they are dating. And THAT was cute as can be. The interview was endearing, and the performance was nowhere near as good as "Moanin'", but I just wish I could be Haley. I want to date Casey. I want her legs, too. No, wait, I want JLo's legs!

And THEN came Jacob and James. What did I think about that?

I'll tell you what @gingerkiller thought about that... "Oy". And that was exactly what I thought about that as well.

James almost rolled JLo off of that platform. His Idol days would have ended right there, because you can't do that to the World's Most Beautiful Woman.


Bottom 3: Jacob, Haley and Lauren.

Who's going home? I'd say Jacob. He'll probably blame the stylist... and he should.

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