American Idol is OVER

Casey Abrams??????

Is this a joke? Is Ashton Kutcher behind this?
I haven't cried this much over things happening in a screen since Lion King.

I guess America just likes to miss out on real talent.

BTW, this, America, was the Best American Idol exit of all time. Period.

He'll be fine. I, too, will pay top dollar to be in the front row at a Casey Abrams concert.

OK, almost an hour has gone by. Now, my head is a bit clearer and I can comment on this TRAGIC results show.

It's a numbered list because I am still too depressed to write paragraphs.

1- We see enough of Jimmy Iovine every Wednesday. I don't need him to make predictions. I can make those myself.

2- Casey's goodbye montage stole my heart. He's just so... Casey. I like anything that comes out of that kid.

3- The producers annoyed the hell out of America with the way the results were told today, and I'm sure I can speak on behalf of America.

4- I LOVED Haley's outfit. I kinda love Haley... even more now that she's an Idol widow.

5- I also love Casey's parents. Only an endearing pair like that could have given birth to that cute, growling teddy bear.

6- Jacob Lusk should have gone home.

7- I'm always too stressed out to watch the perfomance right before the results. I skipped right through Katy Perry/Kanye's last week, but not this time. Bruno Mars is so cool.

8- I'm tired of the "Walk this Way" posters to Steven. Come on people, he has more songs! How about "Dude Looks Like a Lady"?

9- I still want to cry, though.

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